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Zone Systems

What are HVAC Zoned Systems

Often times, there are rooms in your home that seem to be warmer or colder than others. This can be the result of several factors:
• Where they are in your home
• Room size and composition
• Access to sunlight
• Heat-radiating appliances
Regardless of the reason, it helps to have a solution that allows you to control the temperature of individual rooms in order to maximize comfort while minimizing energy waste. Does one light switch control all of the lights for your home? Then one thermostat may not be the right solution to control the temperature of all of the rooms in your home. Zone heating and cooling also gives the people in your household personal control over their comfort level. No need to have family members haggling over the thermostat any more: each person can set the local thermostat to accommodate his or her own comfort needs.

HVAC zoned systems from Air Mechanic Services Air Conditioning & Heating allow you to adjust the temperature in multiple locations around your house through a system of thermostats wired directly to your forced-air system, bringing comfort where and when it's needed.

Benefits of System Zoning

When used correctly, a zoned system can bring about a multitude of benefits. These include:
• Reduced energy costs
• Increased system efficiency
• Increased resale value of building
• A longer lifespan for your heating and cooling system
• Comfort in every area of the home

If installing a zone control system sounds like a good idea for your home in Houston, TX, trust Air Mechanic Services Air Conditioning & Heating to provide you with the most affordable and effective solution available. We can go over your options and discuss the best way to provide you with these benefits. Schedule online or call us today at (281) 220-9722 for a free estimate!

The professional heating and cooling team at Air Mechanic Services Air Conditioning and Katy offers zone control system installation and other services in Katy, TX and the surrounding areas.

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